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Performance Formats: 7-piece band

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Photo: Tero Ahonen


hot fiddles from cool Scandinavia

“The band flies, in a mix of traditional and their own tunes, all shapely, ingenious and delivered with acute mastery and massive swing and energy.”
From a review of Frigg’s debut album in fRoots magazine

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Frigg has been conquering the world with a fusion of western folk music styles, leaning strongly towards Nordic folk music, for which the world music media has coined the term nordgrass, referring to the bluegrass influences of the group. The tight interplay of four violins, string instruments and contrabass, fine-tuned to perfection and spiced with sparkling, humorous live energy has made an impact on listeners all over the world.

Apart from relentless touring in Europe, Frigg has done seven North American tours, including a long list of prominent festivals. Via TV and radio, Frigg has reached audiences of millions with their performances on A Prairie Home Companion live radio show and NHK World Japan channel’s El Mundo program.

Frigg has released eight albums. Polka V, from 2012, was chosen the folk music record of the year and was nominated for a Teosto Prize in Finland. The world music publication Songlines has singled out two of the group’s albums for its “Top of the World” chart, and  fRoots, SingOut! and Rhythms have drawn attention to the group several times with extensive features and praising reviews.
In 2017, the eighth album by Frigg, Frost on Fiddles, was released. The originally Finnish-Norwegian group has now become wholly Finnish, but Nordic influences remain strong. The delicate and beautiful Scandinavian language has been dipped in BBQ sauce and it is being served fresh with pálinka, to be enjoyed in good company.

Workshops, Master Classes, and Residency Activities
Frigg workshops cover traditional Finnish and Scandinavian folk music, including their own compositions. Workshops are tune-based and adapt well for fiddle, bass, guitar, mandolin, and cittern.

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